How To Participate In TellSubway Survey?

Subway has been in the market for a good time now. They have been serving some delicious sandwiches along with a wide range of other food items since the first day of its introduction.

They have introduced the TellSubway Customer Satisfaction Survey to make sure that the food and services provided by them are up to the mark and meeting each and every need and expectations of the customers.

One of the world’s largest food chains, Subway also is offering its Customer Satisfaction Survey to take its value to another level. If you’re looking for some tips and assistance to take up the TellSubway survey, you’re at the right place. 

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If you complete TellSubway and Subway Listens survey successfully, you will get a free cookie on your next visit to your nearby Subway restaurant.

Tell Subway Feedback

Before I tell you how to enter the survey, there are some prerequisites of taking up the TellSubway survey. 

You will need:

  1. A valid receipt and the coupon code printed on the receipt of your latest visit to Subway.
  2. You are only eligible to fill the survey if the receipt is not more than 5 days old.
  3. Basic understanding of the English language.
  4. You must be at least 18 years old.
  5. Only one entry is allowed per person.

Tell Subway Feedback Survey

Steps To Enter TellSubway & Subway Listens Survey

Here are some steps to participate in the Subway Listens and TellSubway survey. If you have any confusion, you can let us know about it in the comment section at the end of the article.

  1. Open browser on whatever device you’re using to complete TellSubway and Subway Listens survey.
  2. Now visit the official website of TellSubway and Subway Listens survey. Remember, you are supposed to take up this survey only on an official TellSubway survey.
  3. Their official website is this.
  4. The home page of the website will ask for your email address, first name, and last name to begin with.
  5. Once you complete this, hit the enter button to start TellSubway Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  6. Keep proceeding till the end and you’re now ready to get a free cookie on your next visit to the Subway store.

This survey won’t take much of your time. As Subway claims, it will take just a minute to complete the survey. All in all, taking up this survey will definitely get you a free cookie.

15 thoughts on “How To Participate In TellSubway Survey?”

  1. Ive been coming to the colton subway for a year now and honestly Amy is my favorite person there who understands my order and my kids order and always gets it right! She fast friendly and alway wears a smile.

  2. I’ve been going to this subway location for three years now and never had a problem until today. I order my sandwich online off the app. Arrived to the location at the time when it said my food would be ready. Not only my food was not ready, my sandwich was wrong. I order an BLT and received something completely different. I told the employee that this is not what I order and she sat there and told me yes it was. I told her I order a BLT why is there turkey, ham and some other meat on the sandwich? She looked at it and said okay, made another sandwich, I walked back into the store she handed me the sandwich but something told me to check it, I checked my sandwich and it was STILL WRONG! There was no meat on the sandwich. She heats up the bacon throws it on the sandwich then throws the sandwich at me. I am highly disappointed at the customer service I received today at my local subway. I am a loyal customer at this location and just want my food to be made correctly without the attitude. Because of this frustration situation, I will no longer will be spending my money with subway and going to fire house sub. Customer service needs major work.

    • Ordered a Philly steak slider and small chicken noodle soup. The slider was the same size as the packet of crackers that came with the soup. And for $1.99? I could have gotten a six inch sandwich for just a dollar more. What a rip off. Will not order again and tell my friends and family to not even try it. Smaller than a White Castle burger for more than twice the price.

  3. July 26, 2020 ; Subway store #31324-0 12:30:27p.m.
    I signed on to my Subway app to take advantage of the $5.00 footlong special I bought the two sandwiches required and payed online through pay-pal. The special price was not given . Per the instructions on the app I tried calling to check if this was a participating store. The phone rang and rang with no answer I had used this app and store on July 3rd and got the special deal, I figured that I would get to the store and straighten this out as they had participated earlier . When I got to the store there were two employees and one other customer so there was no reason for not answering my call, I was then informed that they were not participating and never had been. I knew that this was not the case but took the order and went home to have lunch. I checked the pay -pal account for past orders and they showed that this was a participating location,(from the prices I paid).
    The food was fine although they did not get the order correct on the sandwich for my wife. I did not waste the gas to go back to the store. This transaction has left a bad taste in me and I will delete your app and will not be back to Subway as I consider this to be false advertising and will not be recommending Subway or this locale to anyone. This is not how to keep customers returning.

  4. There is a subway restaurant at 2866 Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City NJ 07306, opposite Journal Square Path train Station. The Fallafal foot long sandwich I believe contains 6 Fallafal pieces but this location now a days put only 5 pieces hence the corner bites on both side of bread has only salad but no fallafal. If I am correct then advise them not to spoil the customer taste just to make extra tiny profit. Please do not share my email with the owner or employees of that restaurant.


  5. I dined at Subway #15729 in Lindale, Texas today. Amber, Destiny, and Heather were superb. They handled the in-store customers and drive-thru with precision, personality, and professionalism. I was most impressed how the three young ladies took care of everyone so easily. As far as I could tell, no one left unhappy. I did inquire as to the availability of double chocolate chip cookies and Amber said that they were waiting for the warehouse to be able to send them out again. I hope they come soon. Thank you for the opportunity to comment on your excellent workers. I plan to return.

  6. It would be really nice if Subway salad veggies were chopped like they use to be. It was so convenient to stop and pick up a salad on my way home because I didn’t feel like going home and chopping up all the vegetables after I’ve worked all day. I could eat healthier without all the hassle of having to go to the store, get all the vegetables, chop them all up and eat at a decent time. Please help us working women enjoy a good salad from Subway without all the hassle of having to make it ourselves.



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