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Subway Listens is a survey program by the popular sandwich franchise Subway that allows customers to provide feedback on their recent experience at a Subway restaurant. In exchange for completing this short survey, customers receive a coupon code that can be redeemed for a free cookie or fountain drink on their next visit.

Subway Listens

This initiative provides Subway with valuable insights to improve customer satisfaction, while rewarding patrons with a tasty freebie. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain everything you need to know about Subway Listens and walk you through the quick and easy steps to take the survey and claim your free cookie reward.

What is Subway Listens?

Subway Listens is an online customer satisfaction survey created by the Subway brand. Visit to share feedback on service, food, cleanliness, and overall experience. Your opinions matter in shaping a better Subway visit.

Start Survey

Subway Listens survey gathers feedback for HQ, helping meet expectations and pinpoint areas for improvement. Your input shapes a better experience. Spend 5-10 minutes on the survey, and get a free cookie code for your next Subway order. Your time is rewarded!

Subway Listens Survey

Why Take the Subway Listens Survey?

Taking just a few minutes to complete the Subway Listens survey benefits both patrons and the Subway brand. Enjoy a free cookie of your choice and have a voice in shaping the future of your favorite sandwich shop. Survey feedback helps Subway recognize strengths and address weak spots, ensuring better customer satisfaction by meeting their needs effectively.

Overall, the Subway Listens survey rewards loyal customers for assisting Subway in its efforts to continually enhance overall customer experience and exceed expectations. Monitoring key metrics like service friendliness, food taste, restaurant cleanliness, and speed allows Subway to focus improvements on the areas that matter most to patrons.

How to Take the Subway Listens Survey

To begin the quick and straightforward Subway Listens survey process, you will need:

Subway Listens Survey
  • Recent Purchase: Must have made a purchase at Subway within the last 7 days
  • Internet Device & Connection
  • Subway Receipt displaying survey code
  • 5-10 minutes of time

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the survey code printed on the top of your receipt.
  3. Answer all survey questions about your last Subway experience.
  4. Upon completing the survey, you will instantly receive a coupon code for a free cookie.
  5. Redeem your coupon code during your next purchase at any participating Subway location.

Make sure to enjoy your delicious free cookie reward during your next visit and encourage providing ongoing feedback via surveys when possible!

Beyond taking customer satisfaction surveys to earn free cookies at Subway, there are a couple of hacks to conveniently access other Subway freebies and exclusives as well:

Join Subway MVP Rewards

Signing up for the complimentary My Subway Rewards program opens the doors to surprise monthly offers and subscriber-only promotions. As an MVP member, you can benefit from Freaky Fast Friday perks like free chips and monthly specials customized around your personalized tastes. Other membership perks include:

Subway Listens Feedback
  • Birthday Reward
  • Access to Subway Merch
  • Exclusive Sweepstakes Entries

Automate Survey Responses

Tired of repeatedly answering the same survey questions? Automate the process using receipt-reading apps like DoNotPay to instantly submit surveys on your behalf. This allows you to collect hard-earned rewards without the time commitment. With quicker access to free cookies, focus enjoyment on biting into that warm chocolate chip or creamy peanut butter crumbly goodness instead!

Act Fast for Timely Deals
Keep up with Subway’s Facebook and other social media channels for up-to-date discount posts on seasonal freebies and limited-time specials. Whether it’s locking in your free slice of Cold Cut Trio on National Sandwich Day or enjoying BOGO footlong his, acting fast to take advantage of these monthly special offers ensures maximum Subway savings.

So next time you grab a sub-to-go, appreciate how Subway provides engaging ways, beyond surveys for free cookies, that loyal customers can gain the upper hand with wallet-friendly free food and exclusive perks. Now that your cookie craving can conveniently be cured for free, enjoy embracing Subway’s full menu knowing savvy tricks to keep those Subway rewards rolling in!


Do I need to purchase to take the Subway Listens survey?

No purchase is necessary. Use your recent receipt’s survey code for Subway Listens. Share feedback for a coupon, and enjoy a free cookie with any purchase.

How long do I have to take the survey after my last visit?

The survey code printed on your receipt is only valid for 7 days after your visit. Make sure to enter your survey code at within a week to qualify for your free cookie.

Can I take the Subway Listens survey more than once?

Yes, you can complete the Subway Listens survey after every visit to any participating Subway restaurant location by using the new printed survey code from your latest receipt. Each unique survey code entitles you to a free cookie that you can stack up and redeem on future visits if desired.

How long does the free cookie coupon last?

The free cookie coupon code awarded upon completing the Subway Listens survey expires after 30 days if not redeemed. To maximize your reward, make sure to use your coupon toward your next Subway cookie craving within 30 days.


With a better understanding of how Subway Listens works and clear steps on how to take the survey for a free cookie, head to your nearest Subway and put this guide into action!

Spend just 5-10 minutes providing genuine feedback after your meal, conveniently access your coupon code reward, and satisfy your next cookie or fountain drink craving on the house during your following visit. Beyond survey freebies, keep an eye out for other deals like Subway MVP Rewards to routinely keep the free food and savings on tap. Now geared with tips, enjoy Subway more than ever before!

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  1. Just picked up my chopped salad from our local Subway. First for the price I think that the bowl should be filled at least halfway or more. Mine looked like a minimal side salad. I had to ask for more spinach. It seems as if your prices are going up and sizes decreasing. No more salads from Subway for me. The training these kids are getting on customer service and making your products is seriously decreasing.

  2. I forgot to mention there were not any straws or napkins to be found and my to-go order was just handed to me not placed in a bag. Carrying a salad, chips, drink, phone and keys was a bit challenging.

  3. 13050 Louetta Rd Ste 2208, Cypress, TX 77429

    The Subway at that location was awesome. The recommended me to get the melted steak and cheese and although it was almost closing time they did a fantastic job with the sandwich.

  4. The subway at Imperial valley mall store location 41347-0 in imperial valley at 12:34pm husband bought a steak slider, and a foot long steak. Notice the worker take a surving for the slider from the 6inch plate they have made. So I was skimp from that serving for the foot long. Basically I paid 1.89 plus tax for 2 piece of bread, 2 small onions, and 1 slice of bell pepper that was cut in half. Customer service is really bad.

  5. I received service on October 5, 2019 at the store in Magee, MS inside Walmart. There were many people in line. There was only one-person providing service because the other one was on break. The person that was providing service did an excellent job of serving everyone that you did not notice she was doing all the stuff by herself. She greeted everyone, made the orders and totaled it up. She said Thank You to ever customer with a smile. I noticed because she was so polite and provided excellent service. I did not get her name but on my receipt the hose order ID is SPM20191005031704. Just wanted Subway to know they had a great employee that day representing there company. I received a great sandwich the way I like it and great customer service. I will definitely be going back.

  6. My experience was horrible. I went to Subway in Memphis , Tennessee. August 28 (2020). No greeting. Sandwhich was horrible. Very rude workers. No hairnet , The manager was using the N word , vulgar language. They need to be F.I.R.E.D… I am a parent of a St.Jude patient. I was disrespected in front of a store full of customers. I asked if he/or she could put on a hairnet? He cursed me in front of other customers as well as my sick 11 year old and my daughter. I have been at St. Jude for 2 years. O have never been so disrespected. The store is located at 464 N. Main St. Memphis Tennessee. Your company needs to train it’s employees in respect , greetings , smiles , proper greeting , most of all the customer is “Always correct. I will not be going back until you have more common courtesy for their customers…..

  7. I just left the Wetmore and Stone in Tucson, AZ location and I guess I am not a customer anymore. Let me start by saying I haven’t been to subway in months because of terrible service quality at every location. First thing I notice is no club sandwich, my only sandwich. No roast beef, my favorite. No spicy mustard, my condiment. And for six inches cookie and a drink I pay $10. For mustard. I can make this at home. This isn’t what I went to Subway for, mustard for hot dogs. And the service was again crap. Rude. Obviously tired after rush but rude. Damnit if we don’t allow pay for at least common courtesy but every damn time I get rude. I’m done with subway.

  8. The gentleman that worked at subway #6504-0 on 12/8/2023 around 1:30pm, worked his ass off!! He was by himself, working on 6 walk in orders but also 2 app orders, and still had the best customer service, the best smile and hardest work ethic I have ever seen! That man not only deserves a raise but also deserves a lot of credit!! He should have all the recognition in the world!

  9. Took the survey and wrote my numeric code on the top of my receipt like it says to do for a for 20 Oz drink or 2 cookies. Went to Subway in Canton texas today to buy a sub and to redeem my code for the cookies. They knew nothing about the survey and I didn’t get my cookies. So, want be taking a useless survey from subway again.

  10. Dear Angel, I am a loyal customer and when angel was manager of davis st store it was wonderful. I was sadly disappointed and insulted on Sat. Dec. 9th at the subway store on westinghouse–Jubilee plaza. I live close by and ran to store to get a sub and cookies which I do three times a week. There was one customer that TESSA was finishing up with and then myself. I was standing in front of the order case and she RAN by me yelling it will be 10-15 min before I can help you to the back of store. In 2-3 min she came out carrying a broom and begun sweeping under all the tables. I inquired , I would like to order a sub. She replied I have been so busy for last hour with customers and i have to sweep and clean before leaving at 4:00( it was 3:40at the time). I replied you should wait on customers first and she replied that subway makes her sweep and cleanup and takes precedent over customers. Then at 3:50 a nice looking high school boy (black) came in and i asked him to make my sub. He immediately serviced me as I continued to bicker with TESSA. I paid and left 15% tip and this young man refused to hand me my bag of food until I apologized to TESSA for arguing with her. TESSA told him to give me my food, As I turned to leave Tessa still cleaning yelled we will just Black Ball you from coming into this store. The young Male then called me an asshole as I left. TESSA and I argued but no profanity was used then a 16-17 year old high schooler calls me an asshole. Angel if you read this I was never treated this way at your store or at the Westinghouse store before like this. Young people have no respect for customers(least senior citizens). I am 73 years old and customers don’t count, sweeping the floor does.

  11. We went for lunch today at the Subway inside our Walmart store in Charlotte Michigan. It was the worst experience we’ve had in a Subway!! They were out of steak, they were out of rotisserie chicken, they were out of many of the different cheeses. The vegies were in a very limited supply. We should have left immediately when we found out they were running on bare minimum, we didn’t but sure wished later that we would have!! To add insult to injury, the pop dispenser had no Dr. Pepper, no Root Beer and no regular coke. The diet coke was so watered down it had zero flavor. We both said we will never eat there again based on today’s experience!! It was almost $24.00 for a 6 inch sub and a salad. CRAZY EXPENSIVE for what we got. Seriously if they are out so many things why didn’t they just close!!!!

  12. Accidentally placed my order through the app for a subway a state away from me and when I called to cancel the manager was extremely rude and disrespectful to me and refused to give me a refund on the sandwich. Because of this I was unable to eat lunch at all as I was on a work break and also did not have the spare funds to spend on a sandwich at my store. This was the store at 254 Merrimack street, Lowell MA. I have been a customer for a while and am highly doubtful about returning.

  13. I ordered a Turkey & Ham Salad with Provolone Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, green peppers, black olives, spinach and salt/pepper…received no tomatoes, no cheese, no green peppers, no black olives and no salt/pepper. $10 for a salad to get half of what I wanted!

  14. Went to subway at 530 NE Glen Oak Ave, Peoria, IL before my night shift as a RN. Entered the subway. NO one was around. I waited a few minutes-nobody. Called out “Hello” behind the counter-nobody. Checked the single bathroom – it was emply. Told myself I’d wait 10 minutes then leave. Waited 9 minutes the employee finally came through the door. Walking slow-wearing sunglasses. Did not apologize for my wait. When I asked if I could get a pizza the employee stated “we have pizzas but they are all frozen.” WHY! YOU KNOW PEOPLE WANT PIZZA FOR DINNER. I think he just did not want to cook anything. I left frustrated over the hole thing.

  15. Subway number 10764-0
    Served by 2929 May 28th 2024 at 7 :53:40pm

    I asked the lady if I could use the apps promotion even though I’m ordering face-to-face. She said that the promotion is only acceptable if I order through the app. My partner still wanted to order face to face so I planned unplugging the receipt after the purchase. I saw her scan her app but it didn’t occur to me until I walked out of the store that she stole my points I can send a receipt of my email I would still like my point even though the cashier sold the points I accumulated. She knew I had an app yet she chose to steal my points there’s a lack of integrity there and I would like that addressed.

  16. Went to Subway in Grand Junction, Colorado today. Worst service & food ever from a Subway. We placed the order online, 6 sandwiches total & every single one was wrong! The bread was stale to the point of crumbling when you took a bite. The churro was hard as a rock & couldn’t even be bitten. When I asked for a fresh one, I was told that you have to eat them immediately or they get hard. I took it out of the wrapper to show the girl how hard it was & the told me to stop making a mess with the sugar on the counter. When I took them back to be fixed the 1 person was incredibly rude to the point that I wanted to reach across the counter & smack her. I spent $50 on inedible food & won’t be going there again.

  17. i went to subways in elm grove wv and sat in the drive thru line for about 6 mins and no one came to take my order, I even pressed the little help button twice with still no response. I finally went inside and there was only one person inside, I counted at least 4 workers so needless to say they were not swamped busy. I asked if the drive thru was closed I was told no sometimes the button doesn’t work but yet there was a guy working by the wi do who clearly saw me I. The drive thru. Very disappointed in the dedication to the customers by the workers, I u destined it’s hard to find workers period, but when there were 4 of them and not a one of them could take a drive thru order is pretty sad.

  18. Ordered 4 subs, 3 of them were wrong.
    1 foot long ordered with no mayo and paid for guacamole. No guac on sandwich. No tomato. But had Mayo. Allergic.
    Second ham sandwich was supposed to be meat and cheese only, had Mayo. Allergic.
    Bmt was supposed to have tomato. Non on sandwich.
    $40 order and only one sandwich was correct and edible.
    Subway #50692-0
    Trans # 2/a – 797735

  19. Very disappointed with Subway. Have been going to this Subway since it opened and have always used Subway coupons. Last night ordered 2 subs and was getting ready to pay handed the coupon was told they don’t take coupons anymore. The sign is right over there didn’t you read it. There was NO sign. Two other employees also said the sign states no longer accepting coupons. They looked for the sign but couldn’t find it and said oh someone must have taken the sign down. But no we can’t accept coupons. Asked when that started and no one answered. I paid my $24.08 for the 2 subs and left. Then reading my receipt it said take a 1-minute survey for a free cookie!!!!! Was just told no coupons!!!!!!!
    As a retired senior citizen on a fixed income every penny counts. Will definitely rethink eating at Subway again!
    Served by: 7243 6/20/2024 6:15:21 pm
    Term ID -Trans# 1/A-464799


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