Subway Listens Customer Support

Subway prides itself on serving up fresh, customizable sub sandwiches made just the way you like. But what happens when something falls short of expectations? This is where Subway Listens Customer Support comes into play – serving as an open platform for candid feedback to drive positive changes.

Subway Listens

Overview of Subway Listens

Score free food by sharing insights in the Subway Listens survey. Your experience-based feedback shapes a better visit for everyone. Rate service, order accuracy, cleanliness, food quality, and satisfaction 1-10 in Subway Listens. Your feedback strengthens and improves the Subway experience.

In return for time spent completing Subway Listens surveys, patrons receive validation codes to redeem for one free freshly baked cookie. Constructive criticism enhances Subway. Get free cookies as a thank-you for participating. Your feedback makes a difference!

Ways to Get Your Voice Heard

Subway makes it easy for recent customers to submit ratings online or by phone. Share your feedback conveniently in a few simple steps.

Subway Listens Feedback

To begin sharing your recent restaurant experience, simply:


  1. Visit
  2. Enter the 16-digit survey code on the receipt.
  3. Complete user-friendly questionnaire.
  4. Receive a coupon for a free cookie.


  1. Call 1-888-445-9239
  2. Provide the date, time, and restaurant.
  3. Answer service quality questions.
  4. Get a free cookie code.

The Subway Listens survey asks various questions covering the full range of your last visit. All individual responses stay completely anonymous, so feel free to share candid thoughts without worry. Participation eligibility just requires any purchase receipt within last seven days.

Ways to Get Support Help from Subway

While Subway Listens provides the pipeline for sharing visit-specific feedback, other channels like email and phone customer support cover any extended questions, issues needing attention or personalized assistance:

  • Submit Online Support Ticket
  • Call 1-800-888-4848
  • Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM EST

So whether clarification gets needed on redeeming Subway MyWayTM Rewards points for free subs, help troubleshoot the Subway app, inquiries related to gift card balances/policies or anything else – friendly support teams stand ready to help via call, email or online chat.

Why Your Voice Matters

Yes, completing the quick Subway Listens survey earns you a tasty free cookie to sweeten subsequent visits. But more importantly, your candid feedback plays an integral role in shaping the future direction of your favorite sandwich shop.

Monitoring key metrics around service, quality, cleanliness and satisfaction enables Subway headquarters to double down on already winning areas while quickly improving on factors detracting from positive experiences most. Pinpointing weak spots through objective customer ratings allows the leadership team to enact meaningful changes across the board through better training, upgraded facilities and boosting quality controls.

So by participating in Subway Listens surveys after every visit, your helpful insights will continuously optimize all restaurants for consistently exceptional experiences whenever and wherever you next grab a sub. Enjoy scoring free cookies along the journey while knowing your voice gets heard to help Subway raise the bar with each coming day.

1 thought on “Subway Listens Customer Support”

  1. I’m trying to do the survey and it keeps telling me my E-mail does not match, sorry it does match. I want you to know I have been ordering lots of sandwich trays and cookie trays for family members at the time of a family tragedy which was four last year.I made a call to our local Subway in Stewartville and was told there was no way they could get it together in 5 hrs, I’m 87 years old and I could have made that much by myself. She was very Rude,I called the young couple that were running it a few years,other then Bill and Jill I don’t remember their last names but I still had their # . They had me try the Spring Valley Subway in Mn. The young lady made up 2 lg Trays of mixed Sandwiches and 2 lg trays of your famous Cookies and was able to pick them up by 10:30 am . My bill was 170.00$ so it wasn’t a small order,in my standards, so you better have a talk with the people runn8ng the Subway in Stewartville Mn. I will never go there again. Thank you!


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