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The Subway has been making sure that the quality of food is not at all compromised at their premises. They work hard to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction level on their premises. The Subway Listens Survey comes with a promise of positive results for the company and of course, a better course of everything for the customers.

Subway Listens

Subway Listens Survey is purely meant to ensure that the customers get what they need and what they expect. The transparency of this survey and the quality of the survey questionnaire help the company to make necessary amendments and thus work to overcome every loophole.

Subway Listens to Participation Guide

The guide for answering the Subway Listens Survey is published below. The survey is typically easy for the customers to understand and thus answer. This survey is purely meant to make sure that no customer holds any grudges or doesn’t have any complaints regarding the services they receive at the Subway.

Just read the steps listed below and answer the Subway Listens Survey within a few minutes. Happy reading!

Subway Listens Survey
  1. To initiate your participation in the Subway Listens Survey, just visit the official Global.Subway.Com website. The portal to answer the survey questionnaire is available solely on this website.
  2. On the first page of this portal, you will see a couple of text fields that ask you to submit the survey code, the date and time of your visit to the Subway, and the Subway store number you visited.
  3. After this, the portal asks you to confirm the information you submit.
  4. After doing so, click the button that says Start.
  5. The home page of this survey page now awaits you.
  6. On this page, you will see a survey questionnaire that comprises numerous questions regarding your last visit to the Subway.
  7. Most of these questions cover important factors regarding your last visit to the Subway.
  8. Answer these questions. Also, the questionnaire urges you to explain any issue you faced on your last visit to the Subway.
  9. In the end, submit your contact information. After that, hit the Submit button.
  10. The survey portal now displays a survey validation code. If you get this code, just redeem the same on your next visit to any of the Subway stores in the country.

Subway Listens Survey

The customers need to redeem their survey code if they wish to claim and get the survey rewards. You can redeem your survey code at any of the Subway stores in the country.

Also, you need to answer every survey question if you wish to get the Subway Listens validation code and validate the same.

This survey aims to maximize customer satisfaction on Subway’s premises and thus help Subway to serve the best. It simplifies the communication between the Subway and its millions of customers in the country Subway Listens survey is incredibly easy and secure for the customers to answer and thus get the validation code which works as a key for the customers to claim the survey rewards.