About Subway

Subway is one of the largest food chains across the globe. Well, each food giant is popular for at least one specialty item. For example, KFC has chicken, McDonald’s and Burger King have burgers, similarly, Subway has sandwiches. 

Like other food giants, Subway also has its Customer Satisfaction Survey. If you don’t know the benefits of taking up this kind of survey, you should look for the rewards they give you. 

First off, taking up the survey will take less than one minute. So, you don’t have to invest too much time in it. Second, you will get rewards (free cookie or sandwich) on your next visit to the restaurant. And third, if you want Subway to improve something or want a new item on their menu, the survey is the best way to tell them.

Who Are We?

We have made a platform for our beloved readers who need help to take up the Subway Listens survey. Remember, this is not an official site to take up the Subway survey. For that, you will have to visit their official website and complete the survey. 

We help you with taking up the survey and try to answer all the readers’ questions so that they can complete the survey successfully. The most important thing is, you should stay away from fraud. There are many other sites on the web that claims they are the official website of Subway and you can take up the survey there. 

So when in doubt, send us an email or comment your questions on the articles. You can also ask Subway’s official customer support for any queries.