Subway Listens

Here at Subway, our top priority is providing every guest with exceptional service, quality ingredients, and an overall welcoming environment to enjoy your perfect sandwich creation. We aim to consistently exceed expectations from the second you walk through our doors.

The Subway Listens survey platform serves as our official channel to check on how we’re measuring up to expectations from our most important critics – you, the customer.

By giving just a few quick minutes of your time to rate various aspects of your last Subway restaurant visit, you provide us incredibly valuable feedback for understanding current strengths to uphold and areas needing improvement. Your thoughtful participation helps shape all future customer experiences across our 60,000 global restaurant locations for the better.

In return for your candid input, we express our gratitude through coupon codes redeemable for free cookies that sweeten up any future visit. Subway Listens offers a mutually rewarding experience benefiting loyal customers and the Subway brand alike. We gain honest feedback to fuel ongoing improvements while giving you well-deserved treats as a token of appreciation.

Why We Value Your Opinion

Monitoring key metrics around service friendliness, order accuracy, restaurant cleanliness, in-store ambiance, and overall visit satisfaction enables us to double down on already winning areas while quickly improving on factors detracting from positive experiences.

The incredibly helpful insights supplied through completing thoughtful Subway Listens surveys equip our corporate team to enact meaningful changes across the board to better train staff, upgrade facilities, revise policies, and boost quality controls for constantly optimizing operations. Tracking and analyzing trends also helps predict changing customer demands to keep our menu offerings, store functionality, and employee responsibilities staying ahead of the curve to continually exceed expectations.

Subway Listens Survey

By spotlighting what we’re doing right versus wrong through metrics like the Subway Listens survey, your feedback guides our focus to provide an even better experience with each subsequent visit.

How Subway Listens to Surveys Work

To participate in our brief customer satisfaction questionnaires and access your complimentary cookie offer, simply:

  1. Make Any Purchase: Receive a receipt containing a unique survey code for ordering feedback.
  2. Visit SubwayListens.com: Enter the survey code to begin the questionnaire within 7 days.
  3. Share Your Subway Experience: Rate aspects of your visit from 1-10.
  4. Receive Cookie Coupon: Instantly obtain a voucher for 1 free cookie.
  5. Enjoy a Reward on your Next Visit: Apply a coupon code to your Subway order for a tasty cookie freebie.

Along with using feedback to shape improvements across all restaurants for a consistently excellent experience whenever and wherever you next visit Subway, it feels pretty great to enjoy a free freshly baked cookie as an extra “thank you” for your time.

So we encourage all recent customers to take just a few minutes to complete a Subway Listens survey to both help stacked sandwiches, customizable subs, and smiling staff stay ahead of the curve while treating yourself to sweet redemptions. Providing feedback makes every cookie extra special knowing that you played a part in baking up meaningful improvements coming down the pipes. Welcome any excuse to keep those cookies on the house coming!


Here at Subway, our guests sit in the driver’s seat to determine our direction and future recipe for success. We highly value your honest event feedback for understanding current strengths to double down on and weak points needing attention. By completing thoughtful Subway Listens surveys, you receive free food as a token of appreciation while shaping across-the-board enhancements elevating return visits. Please know that voices get heard, and each cookie redemption reminds us of our united mission to keep exceeding expectations, one tasty sub at a time. We’re proud to continually serve up subs your way while making forward progress by listening to your way too.