Subway Listens Survey Requirements


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Subway Listens Survey has been a major tool for Subway to interact with the customers and analyze where and how they lack.

Customers participating in Subway Listens Survey are giving a contribution to the service improvement of Subway outlets, thus ensuring that their future visits to the Subway premises are more pleasant and memorable with their favorite food.

Subway has made every effort to create a survey portal that is extremely easy to be used, and secure for the users to trust. Thus, you can take this survey without any seed of doubts in your mind.

How to Enter the SubwayListens Survey

Subway Listens Survey Requirements

Of course, Subway Listens Survey is quite easy to participate in, but there are certain requirements you need to take care of while you answer it. What are they? Check out the answer below.

  1. First and foremost, you must have a gadget like a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Remember, the survey is available in online mode only. Thus, you need to have an electronic device by which you can answer this survey.
  2. Then, you must have a stable and a good speed internet connection. You won’t be able to use the survey portal without the internet.
  3. You must have a valid purchase receipt from Subway. This is because you will find a survey code printed on this receipt.
  4. Then, you must be able to read and understand the English language as the survey is available in English.
  5. Also, you must know the correct address to the survey portal, i.e.,

As mentioned, the survey is quite easy to participate in. Now you know that it demands only minimal and basic requirements.

If you are a Subway customer, you must answer Subway Listens Survey, as it is a genuine attempt by the giant to cover your needs and wants. Thus, if you love Subway, and want it to serve you the best, head on to and answer the survey now.